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Please note that this is no longer the official website for these churches but is privately maintained to provide historical information about them.

This benefice comprises three churches and one chapel, which are:

Breedon on the Hill
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Breedon Priory Church: an historic church set atop of Breedon Hill, home to some of the oldest anglo-saxon stone carvings and the famous Breedon Angel.

Isley Walton
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All Saints' Church: hidden away from general view, bears the arms of Christ's College, Cambridge, joint patrons of the living of Isley Walton

Staunton Harold
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The Ferrers Chapel of the Holy Trinity: set in the grounds of Staunton Harold Hall, was one the few places of worship built during the time of Oliver Cromwell.

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St Matthew's Church: a village church dating back to the 12th century. To the consternation of some passers-by, its stone walls slope outwards. Some have even phoned the council, convinced that it is about to collapse at any moment.