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Author Dave Woodley webmaster@benefice.org.uk
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Another New Look and Feel

The website has now been moved to a new hosting company, which gives me much more scope for making the site easier for you to use and simpler for me to maintain.

The website has been tested using Internet Explorer 5 and 6, Opera 5, Netscape 4 and 6. I would be grateful for any feedback from visitors using browsers other than those mentioned.

Aims and Objectives

To make the site easy to use.

To make the site attractive without resorting to loads of gratuitous graphics which make the pages load slower.

To make the site easy to maintain. Not important to you maybe, but certainly important to me.

To keep the site relevant and up to date.

Have I Succeeded?

You tell me. It's the only way that I am going to know. Email me at webmaster@benefice.org.uk

Revision History
1 May 2002
  1. Oh the joys of using an independent web hosting company! CGI, SSI, PHP, oodles of webspace.
  2. To me this means that I don't have to spread the website across two ISPs to avoid call charges. Maintaining the site should be a whole lot simpler, which means that I should be able to keep it more up to date (yes, I know I keep falling behind!). Now I can maintain my own webstats instead of relying on the goodwill of a friend.
  3. To you this means no more frames. No more Java site map to slow down the initial page loading. No more Javascript and its inherent cross-browser incompatibilities.
16 Jun 2001
  1. There are now two different Site Maps available to the visitor. The default is the original Java applet and the second is a JavaScript version. For Opera the Javascript Site Map is always expanded because Opera does not support dynamic changing of content.
  2. The Site Map is now partially expanded on entry to the site in order to encourage visitors to use it.
  3. A few more behind the scenes modifications to that people can get into the site no matter how they arrive. If other sites direct you to an old link then you should still get into the site albeit that you may have to click on an extra link in order to do so. This is all down to browser incompatibilities and so the sure-fire way to get people in is to give them a correct link to click on. Clicking on a link does the same in all browsers - thank God!
26 Apr 2001
  1. This time I have concentrated on the 'look' of the website. It has had a new colour scheme applied and graphics added to the Navigation applet. All the previous work that I have done with stylesheets and browser compatibility has made this very easy to do.
  2. There are also a few new pages on the site; mainly articles from The Parish Times.
  3. I am also planning on adding a few more historical articles in the near future. If you have any interesting articles or stories that you would like to see added to this site then please feel free to send them in to me for inclusion.
9 Apr 2001
  1. Added a new graphic to the head of every page. I hope that you like it!
  2. Removed the old graphic from the bottom of every page.
  3. A big re-work of the styles to give better cross-browser compatibility.
  4. A big re-work of the top-level Javascript to give better cross-browser compatibility.
  5. I have now configured a web-server on my PC to emulate how the pages are served online. This has revealed a few problems that have now been fixed.
4 Mar 2001
  1. Tweaked a few things to accomodate Opera 5.
  2. Added a few extra links to other sites.
  3. Removed the What's On page. It was becoming very out of date.
  4. Went through each page with a fine toothcomb to ensure that it contains valid code. Every page now validates 100% except for the site stats pages where the code is autogenerated; and even though it throws up errors it still displays correctly.
29 Dec 2000

Another big behind the scenes change for the website has been implemented. Hopefully the changes should do the following: -

  1. Netscape 6 has now been accomodated. Its security is even tighter than IE5; this caused the site not to load when I first tried it. I have had to make some compromises in order to get around this issue.
  2. Pages should now display more consistently when used with IE4, IE5 and NS6. NS4 does not implement stylesheets as consistently as the other 3 browsers so it will look slightly different, but not much.
  3. An extra tab has been added to the Site Navigation applet that gives access to articles from The Parish Times.
  4. Pages should load even faster.
29 Sep 2000

A big behind the scenes change for the website has now been implemented. Although there is no change in outward appearance to the site, hopefully the changes should do the following: -

  1. Pages should load faster.
  2. There will be no link to service schedules and site stats pages that do not yet exist.
  3. I shall be able to update the site more frequently.
31 Aug 2000
  1. Site stats now provided by Jon Whiten. Thanks Jon!
  2. Why don't you visit Jon Whiten's Homepage.
  3. Now using Analog to produce Site Statistics pages.
  4. Service Schedule pages now produced by macro from an Excel spreadsheet.
03 Jun 2000
  1. Removed the Javascript navigation tree because it proved too slow.
  2. Added a Java navigation tree.
  3. Forced pages to be loaded into the frames-based view. This means that if a page is loaded directly it automatically gets displayed in the right hand frame with the navigation tree in the left.
  4. Removed redundant navigation stuff from site pages.
  5. Added Revision History to this page.
03 May 2000
  1. Changed the default to a frames-based view of the site
  2. Left hand frame contains a Javascript navigation tree.
  3. Right hand frame contains site pages.
  4. Added a load of Javascript to each page to omit navigation features if displayed in the right hand frame.
  5. Add Site Statistics pages