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A Time Remembered

by Ye Olde Yawny Boxian

The Church holds many memories
For me - when I was small
The door was always open,
Never locked as I recall

Our Dad would often take me in
And while he knelt in prayer
I'd look around in awe
Feeling God's presence there

One day the vicar came
Placed his hand on Dad's head
"Can I help you my son"
Those were the very words he said.

Looking up, our Dad replied
"It's kind of private see
What I have to say
Is between my Lord and me"

Out of church Dad smiled
While putting on his hat
"I feel much better now" he said
"It was good to have a chat!"

"What did you ask of God" I said
"When you knelt in church to pray.
Did you ask for riches
Or perhaps a rise in pay"

Our Dad looked down at me
Saying as he took my hand
"There's something you should know
And you must understand"

"God never deals in riches
Of any worldly kind
I asked him for his blessing
And to give me peace of mind"

"Put your trust in God
And you will have a friend
Who will always walk beside you
Right to the very end"

The vicar said "I'm sorry
Hope you will forgive"
Mam said "Don't you worry
The pot-man has to live"

Often now on the wings of time
I journey back once more
In sitting in the church with Dad
As we sat so many times before.

I feel a peace of mind within me
And I know that God above
Is giving me his blessing
With his eternal love.