A Planning Application Of Yesteryear
A Small Tribute To Ernest
A Time Remembered
Amos Again
Breedon Cricket Club
Bridge It
Cricket And The Church
I Remember
Mushrooms For Breakfast
Native Tonge
Pardon My Garden
Quarrying In Breedon
Re Worthington Revisited
Some More Memories Of Worthington
Speaking In Tonges
The Old Boundary
The Organ
Tonge Along
Uncle Toms Hat
What Is A Christian
When The Vicar Stayed For Tea
Worthington Remembered
Worthington Revisited
Worthington Soldiers Poem
You Seek Me
The United Benefice of Breedon and Worthington
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The Parish Times

The Parish Times was our monthly magazine that covered news, views and events across our benefice. Here are a selection of articles that have appeared in it. They have been chosen because they are reflections on past village life. From them we get an insight into how things were and how much things have changed even within living memory.

Ye Olde Yawny Boxian

In December 2000, a note was passed on by Graham Pegg to Rev. John Dawson from a gentleman that he had chanced to meet at Breedon Priory Church. The note contained a poem and a request that it be published in the chuch magazine and was signed "Ye Olde Yawny Boxian".

The poem was duly published in the February 2001 issue of The Parish Times and has caused a lot of speculation as to whom the author might be. Various suggestions have been made but the identity of Ye Old Yawny Boxian still remains a mystery.

For those who are wondering why this gentleman should refer to himself as an Old Yawny Boxian, the answer is quite simple. Worthington used to be known familiarly as "Yawny Box", quite how it received that nickname is unsure. It is certainly not because of a name change, indeed Nichols History of Leicestershire, records "Werditone" was accounted a member of Tonge and that they were both given to Henry de Ferrers by William the Conqueror. Name changes of towns in the area were commonplace in Victorian times when Coaltown became Coalville and Wooden Box became Woodville.

If you know the origin of the name Yawny Box then please do contact us, we are keen to discover why it was so named.

Since then he has written four more poems for us, all of which are included for your enjoyment.

His first poem is entitled Worthington Revisited.

His second poem is entitled Mushrooms For Breakfast.

His third poem is entitled You Seek Me.

His fourth poem is entitled When The Vicar Stayed For Tea.

His fifth poem is entitled A Time Remembered.

Articles by Ralph Walker

Ye Olde Yawny Boxian's poems triggered a response from Ralph Walker, who wrote an artice entitled Re Worthington Revisited.

Further inspired, Ralph then wrote a series of five articles about Worthington village life in days gone by, entitled Worthington Remembered.

Ralph then sent in a poem written by a soldier from Worthington during the First World War, entitled Worthington Soldiers Poem.

Articles by Maurice Harvey

From the pen of Maurice Harvey we have been delighted to read the following articles.


Some Recollections of Breedon Cricket Club (a two-part article).

I Remember

Quarrying in Breedon

Uncle Tom's Hat

What Is A Christian?

A Small Tribute To Ernest

Articles by John Blunt

John Blunt followed up Maurice Harvey's article about Amos with his own "Amos Again".

Then later he has given us The Old Boundary.

Articles by Steve Andrews

The razor-sharp wit of Steve Andrews shines through in his own five submissions. I thought that it was always "three falls or one submission", but what do I know!

Bridge It

Native Tonge

Pardon My Garden

Speaking In Tonges

Tonge-a-Long with Steve Andrews

Articles by Betty Cawte

Betty, in her capacity as Joint Heritage Warden, contributed A Planning Application Of Yesteryear.

Articles by Martin Wheeley

Martin, one of our talented organists at Breedon, contributed The Organ.