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A Third Poem

by Ye Olde Yawny Boxian

You seek me here
You seek me there
It seems you seek me everywhere

To baffle you
Was my intent
With a touch of humour lent

Is my story true you ask
I never travel without my flask
The person really did pass by
And to my query gave no reply

I was told many moons ago
Outside the Swan
The hounds did show

Stories told by our dad
"and I would be his ears"
As he recalled his childhood
Rolling back the years

Even further back he'd go
Of tales that he was told
Of Worthington and how it was
In the days of old

Children of today I fear
Have no time for yesteryear

They do not give two hoots
For local history
Or their village roots

Home is where the heart is
No matter where I roam
Yawny-Box will always be
The place that I call home.